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We Are menta

Our owner, Gheorghe Richards, founded menta to inspire brands to connect powerfully to their consumers. Gheorghe has worked in video production and traditional digital marketing and found that the process let down to support brands directly. This is why menta was created. 

Menta specialises in the creative digital marketing field, allowing businesses to build and amplify their brand to their consumers. We have the technical know-how to deliver everything from a short digital marking campaign to a full-blown TV commercial. 

Our experts work collaboratively to develop personal strategies, concepts, designs, and more to engage, convert, and entertain your market. 

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Why Choice Menta ?

We're Competitively Priced

We Love To Explore​

We Take It Step-By-Step

We Keep It Simple

Every scope is personal

We stop at nothing

Gheorghe A. Richards

Founder & Owner

Réka F Ujvári


Francesco E. Fedeli

Marketing Manager

Alex C. Voice-Joyce

Video Production Manager

We Look After Your Vision.

Our Core Values

Committed to delivering the best

Honest and transparent services

Keeping Our Prices Competitive

We care for
your business
just like ours

Keep learning
and adapting

We stop at nothing

Meet Our Clients

They Believe In Us, and You Can To

Our services are highly personal and unique to break apart from others. We work with you! 

We do not limit ourselves to one sector. We can learn, share and expand our knowledge into other markets with consumers. 

Do you want to grow your business?

we can do it together

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