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At Menta, We Have A Resourceful Team Of Editors, Videographers, Photographers, Animators, Designers, Marketers And Creative Strategists. All The Team Needed To Breathe Life Into Your Brand. 

Our Team Of Passionate Creatives Works With You To Reach Your Scope In An Environment That Promotes Collaboration And Growth.

We Tailor Every Project To Fulfil The Client Scope, Listen, And Respond To Individual Needs While Actively Developing To Curate The Final Product.

Our Purpose Is To Bring The Next Big Ideas To Our Clients, Allowing Them To Develop. These Ideas Come From Our Creative Strategists And Broader Innovative Team, Who Work To Bring Forward-Thinking Ideas To Life. If Approved, Our Team Can Execute.

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Branding is critical to any business because of the overall impact it makes on your company. Branding can change how people perceive your brand, and it can also drive new business and increase brand value. However, it can also do the opposite if your branding is done wrong.

Depending on your product or service, it’s likely that your customers are using one platform more than another. So, identifying the social platform that will provide you with the most exposure to your audience is critical for a marketing strategy.

Adding quality content such as videos, blogs, and photography can help drive your search engine [SEO] rankings. This will help the results of your website. Of course, you want to be on the first page. A good point to remember is that consumers are willing to search within the first three pages. Remember, don’t make the mistake of adding tons of low-quality content unless you want a negative outcome.

Yes. Our team of passionate creatives works with you to reach your scope in an environment that promotes collaboration and growth, all within your budget. We listen and respond to your personal needs while actively developing to curate the final scope. Let us do the hard work!

Print is not dead. It’s just evolving.Consumers still use print to personalise business cards, gifting, invitations, and more. Nothing says a personal touch than a handwritten letter on a printed paper.

So you’re a newbie with some beautiful ideas but not sure where to move forwards. Don’t worry. We can support you and make your visions come to life. Thanks to our incredible team, we can personalise your scope and work with your budget and time frame. Let us help you.

Yes. We work with your ideas, and we’ll action them. For example, if you want to re-brand or launch a new product, we can support your branding, design, content curation, and communications too.

Using video as part of your marketing strategy is key to gaining traction across businesses. Video content holds consumers’ engagement, which helps the algorithm push your content to your target eyes. This aims to attract, convert, and retain new customers with great success.

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